We have a successful program for it – the Brand Navigator®. 
Give us two hours and we will tell you how it works. 

Pihlstrom Brandlab, with offices in Stockholm and New York, is a group of strategy and management consultants who have taken the brand as the starting point and driving force. We have extensive experience in brand building, corporate management and Board commissions. 

Our mission is to help companies and organizations to identify the saleable differences and desired opinions of their brands, and from there 1) formulate their long-term brand, growth and communication strategies, 2) implement these in their organizations and 3) ramp up their market communication.

To do this, we use our brand process: Brand Navigator® – a unique combination of insight, strategy and creativity delivered by our Branding Brains, experts in various stages of the process, in collaboration with a comprehensive network of specialists from around the world.  

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